Fortune Barishal Claim First Bangladesh Premier League T20 Title

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Fortune Barishal clinched their maiden Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 title with a clinical six-wicket victory over Comilla Victorians in the final match held in Dhaka. In a thrilling encounter, Fortune Barishal displayed exceptional performance to defeat the defending champions and four-time winners, Comilla Victorians, by six wickets.


Led by Tamim Iqbal, Fortune Barishal’s determined efforts saw them secure their first-ever BPL title. This victory marks a historic moment for Fortune Barishal as they establish their dominance in the BPL, showcasing their exceptional talent and team spirit. The team’s efforts were further exemplified by the outstanding performance of West Indian all-rounder Kyle Mayers, who was awarded the man of the match for his crucial contribution.


Fortune Barishal’s triumph in the BPL final is a testament to their dedication and skill, cementing their place in Bangladesh cricket history as deserving champions.

Fortune Barishal Claim First Bangladesh Premier League T20 Title




Road To Victory


Barishal’s Journey In The Bangladesh Premier League

  • Fortune Barishal secured their first-ever Bangladesh Premier League T20 title
  • The team displayed remarkable performance throughout the tournament


Barishal’s Dominance On The Field

  • Barishal clinched their maiden BPL title with a clinical six-wicket victory
  • Kyle Mayers, the West Indian all-rounder, played a crucial role in the team’s success




Fortune Barishal Claim First Bangladesh Premier League T20 Title




Final Showdown

The final match of the Bangladesh Premier League T20 was nothing short of a thrilling spectacle. The two top teams, Fortune Barishal and Comilla Victorians, battled it out for the ultimate prize – the BPL title. The tension was palpable as fans eagerly awaited the outcome of this highly anticipated final showdown.

Key Moments In The Bpl Final

  • The toss played a crucial role in determining the fate of the match. Fortune Barishal won the toss and elected to bowl first, putting pressure on Comilla Victorians from the start.
  • Comilla Victorians got off to a shaky start, losing early wickets and struggling to build momentum. Fortune Barishal’s bowlers capitalized on this opportunity, keeping the opposition batsmen in check.
  • However, Comilla Victorians displayed resilience and fought back with some crucial partnerships. They managed to post a challenging total on the scoreboard, setting a target that Fortune Barishal had to chase down.
  • Fortune Barishal’s chase started off on a positive note, with their opening batsmen providing a solid foundation. They took advantage of the powerplay overs, scoring boundaries and keeping the required run rate under control.
  • As the match reached its climax, Fortune Barishal’s middle-order batsmen played crucial innings, steering their team closer to victory. They displayed nerves of steel and ensured that their team remained on course to claim the title.
  • In the end, it was a nail-biting finish as Fortune Barishal reached the target with just a few balls to spare. The players erupted in celebration, rejoicing in their first-ever BPL title victory.

Notable Performances In The Final

Player Team Performance
Kyle Mayers Fortune Barishal Man of the Match, played a crucial role in both batting and bowling departments
Tamim Iqbal Fortune Barishal Played a captain’s innings, leading from the front with his batting performance
Shakib Al Hasan Comilla Victorians Contributed with both bat and ball, played a vital role in his team’s fightback
Taskin Ahmed Comilla Victorians Impressive bowling figures, picked up crucial wickets to keep his team in the game

The final showdown of the Bangladesh Premier League T20 saw fortune favoring Barishal as they claimed their maiden BPL title. Key moments in the match provided thrilling twists and turns, while notable performances from players on both teams added to the excitement. It was a match that will be remembered for its high-stakes action and the jubilation of Fortune Barishal as they emerged victorious.

Impact And Celebrations


Fortune Barishal clinched their maiden Bangladesh Premier League T20 title with a clinical six-wicket victory over defending champions. It was a momentous occasion, marked by joyous celebrations as the team made a significant impact in the tournament, securing their first-ever title.

Significance Of Barishal’s Win

The victory of Fortune Barishal in the Bangladesh Premier League T20 tournament holds immense significance for the team and their supporters. This win marks their first-ever title in the prestigious league, showcasing the team’s determination and hard work. Barishal’s triumph not only brings them glory but also establishes them as a formidable force in the cricketing world. The impact of this win goes beyond the game, inspiring young cricketers and fostering a sense of hope and pride in the Barishal community.

Reactions And Celebrations

The news of Fortune Barishal’s triumph was met with tremendous joy and excitement among fans and cricket enthusiasts across Bangladesh. Social media platforms erupted with congratulatory messages and celebratory posts, with fans expressing their elation and pride in the team’s achievement. Barishal’s players were hailed as heroes, with their exceptional performances receiving praise and admiration from all corners. The celebrations in Barishal were nothing short of grand. From fireworks lighting up the night sky to processions carrying the team’s banner through the streets, the city came alive in a display of pure jubilation. Fans could be seen wearing the team’s colors and chanting slogans in support of their favorite players. The local administration and business community also extended their congratulations to the team, recognizing the positive impact this victory has on the city’s image and morale.


Fortune Barishal’s win in the Bangladesh Premier League T20 tournament holds immense significance for the team and their supporters. It marks their first-ever title win and establishes them as a force to be reckoned with. The news of their triumph was met with joy and excitement, leading to grand celebrations in Barishal. This victory not only brings glory to the team but also fosters a sense of hope and pride in the community.

Future Prospects

Fortune Barishal’s victory in the Bangladesh Premier League T20 has opened up exciting opportunities for the team. Let’s explore the potential growth and development of the team in the T20 cricket scene.

Barishal’s Potential In The T20 Cricket Scene

Fortune Barishal has emerged as a strong contender in the T20 cricket arena, showcasing their prowess with a commanding win in the BPL final. The team’s strong performance reflects their potential to become a dominant force in future tournaments.

  • With a talented roster and a winning mindset, Barishal has the capabilities to excel in upcoming T20 competitions.
  • Their strategic gameplay and solid teamwork establish them as a formidable opponent for other teams in the league.

Barishal’s success in clinching their maiden BPL title demonstrates their readiness to compete at the highest level and secure more victories in the future.


Fortune Barishal Claim First Bangladesh Premier League T20 Title




Frequently Asked Questions For Fortune Barishal Claim First Bangladesh Premier League T20 Title


Where Was The Bpl 2012 Venue?


The BPL 2012 venue was Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Bangladesh. Fortune Barishal won the title.


Where Did Fortune Barishal Win Their First Bpl T20 Title?


Fortune Barishal claimed their first BPL T20 title at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.


What Were The Final Scores Of The Bpl Final Between Barishal And Comilla?


Fortune Barishal defeated Comilla Victorians by six wickets in the final to clinch their first BPL title.


Who Was Named The Man Of The Match In The Bpl Final?


West Indian all-rounder Kyle Mayers was named the man of the match for his outstanding performance in helping Fortune Barishal secure their maiden BPL title.




Fortune Barishal’s victory in the Bangladesh Premier League T20 Final marks a historic milestone. With a decisive six-wicket win over defending champions, they have claimed their first-ever title. The team’s outstanding performance and strategic gameplay have set a new standard in the league.

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