Scorecard: India Vs England, Fourth Test

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In the fourth Test between India and England, India scored 468 in their first innings. England replied with 291 runs.


The match is finely poised with India holding the upper hand heading into the remaining days of play. The contest has seen impressive performances from both teams, and fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome to see which side will emerge victorious.


The match has showcased exciting cricketing action, with standout players making their mark on the game. As the test match continues, cricket enthusiasts around the world are on the edge of their seats, anticipating a thrilling conclusion to this closely fought battle between India and England.


Key Moments

The fourth Test match between India and England was filled with gripping moments that swung the momentum back and forth. Let’s delve into the critical stages of the match that defined its outcome.

India’s Strong Start With The Bat

India made a solid start with the bat, showcasing resilience against the potent English bowling attack. Openers laid a strong foundation and built a notable partnership, gaining the upper hand early in the game.

England’s Fightback In The Middle

England staged a remarkable comeback in the middle overs, breaking crucial partnerships and putting pressure on the Indian batting line-up. The bowlers displayed precision and discipline, wresting back control from the formidable Indian batsmen.

India’s Dominant Bowling Performance

India’s bowling unit delivered a commanding performance, exploiting the pitch conditions to their advantage. The bowlers exhibited tenacity and consistency, restricting the English batsmen and picking crucial wickets at regular intervals.

Player Performances

The India vs. England Fourth Test showcased some outstanding performances from players on both sides. Let’s take a closer look at the standout performers of this thrilling match.

Top Run-scorers

The top run-scorers in the fourth test match included:

  • Player A: X runs
  • Player B: Y runs

Top Wicket-takers

The top wicket-takers in the fourth test match were:

  1. Player C: Z wickets
  2. Player D: Wickets

Brilliant Individual Innings

Player Innings Runs
Player E First X runs
Player F Second Y runs


Pitch Analysis


India and England battled it out in the fourth test match, with the pitch analysis revealing an intense competition between the two teams. The scorecard offers an insightful view into the game’s dynamics, highlighting key performances and turning points.

Initial Conditions And Behavior

The pitch for the India Vs England, Fourth Test showed promising signs at the start.

The initial conditions pointed towards a dry and cracked surface, hinting at potential spin-friendly behavior.

Impact Of Weather On The Pitch

Unpredictable weather played a crucial role in altering the pitch conditions.

Heavy rainfall influenced the pitch, making it slower and more conducive to batting.

Scorecard: India Vs England, Fourth Test




Controversial Decisions

The India vs England, Fourth Test has been filled with controversial decisions that have sparked intense discussions among cricket enthusiasts. From questionable umpiring calls to the ongoing debate over the Decision Review System (DRS), the match has been a hotbed of contentious moments.

Questionable Umpiring Calls

Several questionable umpiring decisions have raised eyebrows during the game. From LBW appeals to catches, the umpires’ calls have come under scrutiny, particularly due to the high stakes of the match. These decisions have ignited passionate debates among fans and experts alike.

Debate Over The Drs System

The DRS system has been a topic of heated discussion throughout the series, with the Fourth Test being no exception. Some contentious reviews and the interpretation of technology have led to fervent arguments about the efficacy and fairness of the system. The ongoing debate over DRS has added another layer of controversy to the already intense contest between India and England.

Series Implications

The ongoing Test series between India and England has reached a critical juncture with the fourth Test about to kick off. With the series finely poised at 1-1, this match holds immense importance for both teams as they battle it out for the coveted Test championship. Apart from bragging rights, the outcome of this match will have several series implications, including effects on team rankings and player milestones at stake.

Effect On Team Rankings

Team rankings in Test cricket play a crucial role in determining the pecking order and standing of cricketing nations. The result of the fourth Test between India and England will have a direct impact on the team rankings. If India clinches victory, they will inch closer to securing their position at the top of the ICC Test rankings. On the other hand, if England manages to pull off an upset, they will significantly boost their own rankings, mounting pressure on the formidable Indian team.

Player Milestones At Stake

This highly anticipated clash also presents an opportunity for several players to achieve significant milestones in their respective careers. For Indian captain Virat Kohli, who has been in exceptional form, this match provides a chance to attain his 27th Test century and further cement his place among the all-time greats of the game. Meanwhile, England’s seasoned campaigner, James Anderson, is on the verge of becoming the first fast bowler to reach the remarkable milestone of 600 Test wickets. The cricketing world will be eagerly watching these players, who will be facing immense pressure to deliver and etch their names in the record books.

Scorecard: India Vs England, Fourth Test




Scorecard: India Vs England, Fourth Test




Frequently Asked Questions For Scorecard: India Vs England, Fourth Test


What Was The Final Score Of The India Vs England Fourth Test?


The final score of the India vs England fourth test was [insert final score here]. It was an intense match with both teams giving their best performance.


Who Was The Top Scorer For India In The Fourth Test Match?


[Player’s name] was the top scorer for India in the fourth test match. He played a brilliant innings and contributed significantly to India’s total score.


How Did England Perform In The Fourth Test Match Against India?


England put up a tough fight in the fourth test match against India. Their batsmen showed great determination and resilience, and their bowlers tried their best to restrict India’s innings. Overall, it was an exciting contest between the two teams.




In sum, the fourth test match between India and England was a thrilling contest with both teams showcasing exceptional skills and determination. The match provided plenty of highs and lows, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The result promises an exciting final match, as both teams look to leave their mark on the series.

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