How Long are College Hockey Games?

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College hockey games typically last around two and a half hours, including a 60-minute regulation time and potential overtime periods. With the fast-paced action and high level of skill displayed by players, college hockey games offer an exciting and engaging experience for fans and players alike.


The competitive nature of college hockey often leads to intense matchups and thrilling moments, making it a popular sport among both college students and sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a dedicated fan supporting your school’s team or simply enjoy watching high-intensity sports, college hockey games provide an entertaining and competitive atmosphere for all involved.


The blend of skill, teamwork, and passion on display in college hockey games makes them a must-watch for any sports enthusiast.


Standard Game Duration

Regulation Periods

In college hockey, standard regulation play consists of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes of game time. After each period, there is a 15-minute intermission for players to rest and for ice maintenance.

Overtime Periods

If the score is tied after regular play, college hockey games may proceed to overtime. Overtime periods in college hockey are typically 5 minutes long. Teams play 5-on-5 during overtime, with the first team to score securing the victory. If the score remains tied after the initial overtime period, the game may proceed to a shootout to determine the winner.

How Long are College Hockey Games?




Factors Influencing Game Length


Penalties in college hockey games can lead to extended playtime.

Stoppage Of Play

Instances such as injuries or equipment issues can halt the game temporarily.

Television Broadcast

Commercial breaks during televised matches contribute to longer durations.

Variations In Game Length

Regular Season Games

Regular season college hockey games typically last for about two hours, divided into three 20-minute periods. With 15-minute intermissions between each period.

Playoff Games

During playoffs, college hockey games may extend into overtime if the score is tied at the end of regulations. Overtime periods last for 20 minutes each.

Championship Games

Championship games in college hockey, such as the NCAA Frozen Four, can stretch longer due to the high stakes and potential overtimes. These games can last anywhere from two and a half to three hours.

How Long are College Hockey Games?




Effect Of Game Length On Players

College hockey games vary in length, with several factors influencing the duration of a game. The duration of a game can have a significant effect on the players, impacting their endurance, strategy, and risk of injury.


The length of college hockey games demands players to maintain a high level of endurance throughout. This endurance requirement can push players to their physical limits, testing their stamina and fitness.


The duration of a hockey game directly impacts the strategic decisions made by the players and coaches. Longer games require strategic planning that accounts for player endurance, opponent fatigue, and pace control.

Injury Risk

Extended game length can increase the risk of injuries for college hockey players. Fatigue and physical strain from prolonged play can lead to a higher likelihood of muscle strains, overexertion, and other potential injuries.

How Long are College Hockey Games?




Frequently Asked Questions On How Long Are College Hockey Games?


How Long Is The Average College Hockey Game?


On average, a college hockey game lasts around two and a half hours. It includes three 20-minute periods with intermissions between each period. However, factors like overtime and stoppages may slightly extend the total duration of the game.


Can College Hockey Games End In A Tie?


Yes, college hockey games can end in a tie if neither team scores during the overtime period. However, in some leagues or tournaments, a shootout may be used to determine the winner if the game remains tied after overtime.


Are There Tv Timeouts In College Hockey Games?


No, unlike professional hockey games, college hockey games do not have designated TV timeouts. However, there may be situations where game officials or broadcasters call for a brief timeout for commercial purposes or to review certain plays. These timeouts are not a regular occurrence and do not significantly impact the flow of the game.




In a nutshell, college hockey games typically last around 2-3 hours, comprising three 20-minute periods. This time frame includes intermittent breaks and potential overtime. Understanding the duration of a college hockey game can help both spectators and players plan for an enjoyable and efficient experience.


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How Long are Hockey Games?

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