“We Have A Tough Task Ahead”


Quarterback Derek Carr

The last time Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr pulled off some late-game heroics against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Silver and Black went home with a W. That Thursday night game on primetime television was arguably the best game of the year, and it should certainly be another quality matchup Sunday when Carr and Co., travel to Arrowhead Stadium this weekend. Prior to practice Wednesday, he spoke with the media about the game.

Here are the quick hits from his presser:

No. 4 shared where getting a win at Arrowhead Stadium ranks on his bucket list.

“Number one! Definitely number one right now, especially this week! It’s definitely up there. It’s something that we have not been able to do since I’ve been here. We have to get on that. We have a tough task ahead of us because, although their record is the same as ours, we’re both pretty good football teams. We have to go out there and play hard.”

He gave credit to second-year running back DeAndré Washington for his touchdown run Sunday against the New York Giants.

“He’s got great balance. He reminds me a lot of Domanick Davis, who was my brother’s running back in Houston. Dominic was someone who had great balance, low center of gravity. When guys would hit him, he was really good at keeping his balance, like we saw on the touchdown and like we saw on his touchdown against Kansas City when we played them the first time. Those two, when I look at them, they remind me of each other. Domanick was a really good player. DeAndré is a great player, very smart. I love standing next to him and playing alongside of him.”

Carr talked about how he’ll prepare for the Chiefs with cornerback Marcus Peters unable to play as he serves a one-game suspension.

“Definitely with him being out, it doesn’t change what we do. We still have to go out there and execute our game plan. If anything, maybe we throw one or two more the other way. It just depends how they roll the coverages and do those kind of things. I’m going to play my position how coach [Todd] Downing wants me to.”

He discussed the importance of getting the Raiders wide receivers involved last week against the Giants without the services of Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree

“C.P. [Cordarrelle Patterson] is somebody that has done that. He’s a starting receiver. He’s a great football player. But having a young guy like Johnny [Holton] get some more reps, having Seth [Roberts] play some more base personnel-type things, it was really good for them. It shows that we can go out there and win a football game if we have to if certain people go down.”

The former Fresno State Bulldog said every game has felt like a playoff game the last few weeks.

“I feel like for a couple of weeks now all of them have, to be honest with you. Denver was one of them. This last one was one of them. I feel like from here on out, I think they’re all going to have that feel to it. Hopefully we can just get hot and get on a run.”

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