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History of the Washington Redskins - The Washington Redskins football team are members of the NFL’s (National Football League) NFC (National Football Conference) Eastern Division. The NFC-East consists of the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, & Philadelphia Eagles. To go through the entirety of the Washington Redskins history is near impossible (without writing a book), but we do want to give you a little bit of the highlights throughout the years. Apologies to any Washington Redskins fans if we have missed something that meant a lot to you! The team was originally formed back in 1932. Back then, the Washington Redskins were known as the Boston Braves. The problem was that they were not getting any fans in Boston. At the time, it was not a football town, with most people preferring baseball. As a result, the team pulled up stakes and moved to Washington DC (the Nation’s Capital). They actually won the first game they played in the city (against the Giants on 16th September 1937). Although, in 1940, they did not have the best year. They played in the NFL Championship Game against the Bears. They lost 73-0. Even today, this is the worst loss in NFL history. In the 1940s, everything started to go downhill for the Washington Redskins. It cost them a lot of fans and they did not appear in the playoffs until 1971. We have no doubt that a bit of the turbulence was due to the fact that they went through four head coaches in the span of five years. In addition to this, their owner (George Preston Marshall) started to suffer from mental health issues around that time. The stockholders were finding it tough to make decisions without his presence. Sadly, there were some issues with other aspects of how the Washington Redskin’s team was being managed as well. The team was not hiring black players for a while. The government tried to disband them unless they did so. They were actually the first professional team to end up integrating (they drafted Ernie Davis), and this set them on a decent path for a while. The problem for the Washington Redskins is that they have not really had much of a history of note. Sure, they are a popular team, but they have managed to win surprisingly little over the years. They are mediocre in the grand scheme of things. They do have a couple Super Bowls under their belt, however they have struggled to find dominant seasons over the years. The team does well each season, but they are never that outstanding. The Washington Redskins did have another decent season in 2016, though. Well, at least on a personal level. Kirk Cousins was the outstanding player for this season, getting single-season team records for attempts, passing yards, and completions. Many of these were records that he nabbed the previous year, but he managed to beat them. On the NFL record level, several of their places finished the season with 500 yards from scrimmage. This tied with the 2011 record set by the New Orleans Saints. In 2016, they finished 8-7-1 giving them their third straight winning season. Although they were abysmal at defense, finishing 29 out of 32. This is an area which the team will need to rapidly improve over the coming years.

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