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History of the Dallas Cowboys - The Dallas Cowboys football team are members of the NFL’s (National Football League) NFC (National Football Conference) Eastern Division. The NFC-East consists of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles & Washington Redskins. The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to join the NFL in their modern-era expansion. Dallas had tried to score a NFL franchise in the past, but they were turned away. Instead, they went on to form the AFL (American Football League) where they were known as the Dallas Texans, which today are known as the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL absolutely loathed this happening, they figured that if an AFL team could become popular in Dallas, then they would lose the south of the country. As a result, they gave Dallas a franchise. Intriguingly, the franchise was not given to them until after the college draft which really hampered the Cowboys during their first season. The first year the Dallas Cowboys had in the NFL was 1960. As mentioned already, they did not have all the resources other NFL teams had at their disposal. As a result, they had a winless year. The only players they were able to score for their team were ones who were very much close to retirement. Thankfully, the following year they were able to take part in the college draft. Although, the Dallas Cowboys were also let down a little bit here. They finished with the worst record in 1960. By rights, this should have meant that they received the first pick during the college draft. However, a new team had entered the fray by this point (Minnesota Vikings), and they were the first pick instead. The Dallas Cowboys finished their second season 4-9-1, so a marked improvement on the inaugural season in the NFL. Throughout the rest of the 60s, the Dallas Cowboys improved drastically. It was in the 1970s when big changes started to happen, though. Around this time, the NFL incorporated the AFL into their mix. In 1970, the Cowboys took part in their first Super Bowl. They lost 16-13, but it was a massive improvement on where they were just ten years prior. In 1971, the Dallas Cowboys won their first Superbowl. In fact, they won it incredibly well beating Miami Dolphins 24-3. They had several other Super Bowl appearances throughout the 1970s. The 1980s were abysmal for the team, with the 1989 season capping off 1-15. Thankfully, this all changed in the 1990s. In the 1990s, the Dallas Cowboys won three Superbowl victories. They were back on top after a decade of being at the bottom, which isn’t too bad. This success continued into the early 2000s, and then the 2010s. Well, sort of. In 2010, they had such an abysmal record that they decided to fire their coach halfway through the season. This is something that they promised they would never do. This resulted in Jason Garrett taking over. While they have not won a Superbowl in a while, their record has been improving steadily over the past few years, and we have no doubt that one of the ‘big wins’ is just around the corner for the team, they just need to acquire & retain some amazing players.

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