Barnwell’s All-Trades Mock Draft: Wild deals for 32 NFL teams

Picture Odell Beckham Jr. or Le’Veon Bell in a Patriots uniform. Yeah, Bill Barnwell’s getting weird with trades at every first-round slot.

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The National Football League is a professional American football league including 32 ball clubs, split proportionately into the National Football Conference and the AFC.

The National Football Conference incorporates sixteen ball clubs from various cities from around the country like Green Bay, WI. The NFC contains four divisions, the NFC East, the NFC North, the NFC South, the NFC West. The National Football League’s NFC division includes franchises such as the Atlanta Falcons.

The American Football Conference is made up of 16 franchises from multiple cities from around the USA including Oakland, CA. The AFC is comprised of four divisions, the American Football Conference East, the AFC North, the American Football Conference South, the American Football Conference West. The National Football League’s AFC division contains teams such as the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL is 1 of the four main professional athletic venues in the United States, and the largest level of competitive football in existence. The National Football League’s 17 week normal season stretches from September to December, with all ball clubs playing 16 games and receiving one week off during the normal season lineup. Following the conclusion of the regular agenda, 6 ball clubs from both conferences advance to the playoffs. The four division champions and the two ball clubs (not division champions) with the highest standing have earned spots in the playoffs. The 2 best records from each conference are allotted a week off, while the lesser ranking 2 conference champs participate in the wild card game with the 2 wild card teams. The National Football League play-offs are lose and go home tournament culminating in the NFL’s championship tournament, the Super Bowl, which is usually played on the first Sunday in February following regular season competition, and is played between the champions of the NFC and AFC.

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